3.0 Keyless Control System
The 3.0 keyless control system adopts an advanced encryption technology. It is equipped with a mini sensor key. When the key is within 1.5 m from the vehicle, it will sense and unlock the vehicle no matter placed in a bag or in your pocket. Similarly, it will lock the vehicle when the distance exceeds 1.5 m, so the rider needs not to take the key out; 3.0 keyless control system owns the water resistance at IP67 level; A HF antenna is installed in the vehicle together with the chip sensor. Even the battery is taken out or the power if off, the key can communicate with and unlock the vehicle when it gets close to the no-power sensor area of the vehicle.
Fuel-saving and sporting dual mode
The cyclist can switch between the two modes (E is fuel-efficient mode, S is sports mode) by pressing the button on the right handlebar, which fully satisfies the fuel-saving demand during the long-distance travel and the swift and fierce experience demand of cycling in cities. In the fuel-efficient mode, the system will automatically switch to the sport mode as long as the engine speed is increased to 7,000rpm if the cyclist needs to overtake under emergency.

TFT full color LCD screen instrument
The vehicle adopts the full virtual TFT full color LCD IPS screen instrument with four theme interfaces, which is able to switch between day and night modes. It provides all popular functions, including phone interconnection, tire pressure monitoring, navigation screen sharing, mirror screen sharing, Bluetooth music, call answer, automatic adjustment of backlight brightness; When travelling, the vehicle monitors the vehicle data and faults with the important components of the 3rd generation of PKE system.

BOSCH EFI system
The latest Bosch EFI system integrates functions such as headlight control, fan control, and sports & fuel-saving mode, which is equivalent to a comprehensive optimization of thefuel economy and operating quality.

Tire pressure monitoring system
Adopt German imported chips to achieve high-precision monitoring. When the tire pressure is abnormal during running, it quickly locks the front and rear wheels and flashes a warning prompt on the instrument. With learning matching function, high pressure alarm function, low pressure alarm function, high temperature alarm function, rapid air leakage alarm, sensor low battery alarm, sensor signal loss alarm, etc. The tire pressure monitoring system will effectively avoid flat tires and increase driving safety; avoid damage to tires at low air pressure and extend tire life; reduce fuel consumption; and maintain the best handling performance.

Dual fast charging USB ports
The vehicle-mounted USB charger (fast charge version) provides two USB output interfaces supporting the QC3.0 fast charge protocol for the owner, one Type A and one Type C interfaces. During the fast charge, the single-port output power reaches 18 W . The shell is made of high temperature flame-retardant materials and a high-precision hardware current limiting chip is installed inside to ensure each interface works within the safe current range, effectively preventing the occurrence of overcurrent output, overpressure input and short-circuit output, etc. and greatly improves the security.

High compression ratio engine
Equipped with a 350cc engine, with a high compression ratio of 11.8:1, the power output of 27kW and 38N.m can be obtained with low fuel consumption. The high compression ratio engine is the development trend of the advanced technology of internal combustion engines in the world.Fuel saving, environmental protection and high performance are the characteristics of high compression ratio engines. In order to successfully use high compression ratio technology, it is necessary to overcome technical difficulties different from ordinary engines in many aspects such as engine materials, molding processes, and structural design.

Pure-aluminum cylinder
The inner wall of the cylinder without liner is thin due to the completely home-made pure-aluminum cylinder from die-casting to processing, and the space saved is used to widen the water passage, so as to take away the heat in the cylinder quickly. The good heat dissipation performance is an important factor to guarantee the improvement of the engine performance and the extending of engine life.

LED light and super-bright headlight for the whole vehicle
It adopts the imported Osram LED light source with high brightness. Its center brightness exceeds 80,000 candelas. The meticulously fabricated LED lens achieves a higher light availability and wider range, enhancing the rider’s confidence in turning around at night. It adopts the large-area efficient radiator featured by extremely low light wane and long lifespan, ensuring a carefree long-distance motorcycle travel.

Equipped with dual channel ABS
The dual-channel ABS system allows the rider to calmly control the scooter in any unexpected situation. The ABS system will bring confidence to whatever you want, whether in sand, rain or snow.

Standard TCS System
The stable and reliable TCS system can monitor the operating status of the front and rear wheels of the vehicle and thereby ensure the vehicle stability and avoid sideslip under complex road conditions, providing a better safety guarantee for drivers

Radial Type Caliper
The vehicle uses the Spanish J.Juan brake system and extended disc brake plate, greatly lifting the efficiency of front brake. The front disc brake adopts the radiation type facing four-piston caliper, achieving the stable emergency brake and short braking distance

Newly tuned front and rear shock absorbers
The front shock absorber adopts the upper and lower yoke plate clamping structure matched with the 41 mm front fork pipe. The high rigidity ensures the stable, accurate and sensible vehicle operation and free shuttling along streets; The rear shock absorber adopts a larger damping cylinder, quickens the response of shock absorber, effectively filters the slight bumps on the road, enhances the support to the highly uneven road surface and improves the comfortable sensation of riders, avoiding fatigue during long travels.

Wide water-cooled radiator
The Wide water-cooled radiator is a new product that redesign and combine the key components, including radiating pipe, cooling fin, water pipe, fan, etc. and customized for the 350D motor. The high performance motor cannot fully functions without the successful assistance of the radiator. In any case, the users need not worry out the excessively high water temperature and difficult start under low temperature.

Rear storage box able to accommodate the full face helmet
The rear storage box is able to accommodate one full face helmet.

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